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Oiligarchy Oiligarchy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Really good game, but by the end i was just hing the next year button till the elections and then bribing everyone. But it suddely ended when it said the M.A.D (mutal assured destruction) and i was liek"oh" :P But a really good game at the start and finsih. But you should make the ending come faster.

Dodgem! Dodgem!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

But if you press C you lose all but 1 life :S

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comBOTs comBOTs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super cool

I love this game. Its just so cool.

Oh and to qwe789 who sed "Try this if you dare"
I spent half an hour creating this....
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Paws Paws

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hey its a great game and i love it but it im gunna do a real review for once...
coz nobody else has.

The Pros:
Most of it really
The combo system: (well that was a main highlight so duh :P)
It was a good idea and i think well done coz lots of peeple have tried and failed at the same idea.
The art: AMAZING
The water colour sorta kinda style was awesome. You must have spent ages making it all look nice.
Enemeis: each one does it own damage has its own stratageys it incredible.
1st enemy Full on kamakazie runs rite at you its mad specially when you find out wat it is
2nd enemy Tries to confuse you runs at you from all sides it brill. so manny times ive grabbed a rock instead of it :@:@
3rd hit and run. But takes forever to kill. Sometimesit attacks and then runs off screen and its gone *poof* and then its on the other side of you.
Combat: Although the enemies attacks were a bit dry it was nice to be able to just murdereverything you see with a skitzoprenic twitch of your hand :P

The Cons:
Bugs :((( : Sadly there were quite a few
If you punched the combo a second too late then it would say NO COMBO but it would still do it. This was fine unless you used laser or explosion as the aimer thingmabob wouldnt come up.
Im not sure if this counts but near the end when you were still all cool n shiz (no spoiler there :P) theres this part were you jump onto a rlly small platform but if you miss you hit thorns. Now i got trapped coz u fall and there is the ledge on the floor rite next to the thorns and you go up land OWCH go up land.... blah blah also there was a enemy so in the splint second you have to move i would get hurt!!
Grrr i really liked it but there were some parts tht made me go awwwww man.
Over powered:
Stone Maker! Anyday
An enemy would run up to you BOOM stone maker it killed instantly it was ridiculous.
Fire storm
This just murdered large groups it was mad. Escpecieally if you had damage orbs x3. There would be noone left. I took away lyk 1/3 of the "bosses" health
Which brings me to the next con
Semi-con: Im not sure about this coz i was on easy but it might get better on other difficulties so ill put it in brackets)
(The "Boss"
I'll try not to ruin it by keeping it vauge. He has very simple attacks. You can wait for him to be attackable while you have the lazer done on his minions and then when hes vunerable you blast his ass. Or you could dash him which worked wit som damage orbs great.)
The art this just a small one:
Sometimes you couldnt tell wat was solid and wat wasn't ......thts it

The Mehs:
Music was.....meh i guess it fitted.
Same with sound. wasnt the best. But couldve been worse thogh

There we go... The cons onli look bigger coz i had to explain the bugs i encountered there are more pros than cons. Also those were all the cons i could think of there were loads more pros and also i personally loved this game i wrote such a long review coz i want it to be even better!! If part 2 coz solve all these nigly little things then it will be my favourite game of all thime......No jokes
Thank you for reading


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The Great Sperm Race The Great Sperm Race

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Happy april fools day!

Free Tibet! take that Chinese N3wgrounds!
Sorry want to see what happens!
Lol i will give you a real review now....
AWESOME that was a really good game.
Last time i played a game with sperm was "Coil".....
at that was just creepy. I think it would be better with the mouse though

Hex Empire Hex Empire

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It awesome for an online game. but thats not what i am amzed at. I am amazed that this is your first game! Kudos to the max my friend!

Aqua Turret Aqua Turret

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Its a solid 7
Bit boring after a whike an teh upgrades dont seem to make much difference they always seem to do the same damage wen im on like +26
But its a cool idea but just need refining most teh things i wanted to say have been
But PLEASE!!!!! Move the secondry cannon to the middle it so hard to hit anything. I thought the point was you could use you primary and secondary weapon at the same time but if i tried the cannon would go screw coz im having to aim at an angle to hit the enemy!
Anay ways good game solid 7 could be better but i liked it at first

All Knowing 8 Ball v.2 All Knowing 8 Ball v.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Lil scary u have actually made an ball tht works awsome dude great little gadget [ i have reccomended it] do you thik u can convert it to a widget tht would oresome

xNihilistNinjax responds:

uhm, maybe? i'll look into it. and if i can ill send you a message.

Sentence Generator Sentence Generator

Rated 5 / 5 stars


LOLOLOLOL best gadget evur my favorite was
"The child screwed the animal because he was retarded"
I dunno wat the 2 below is talking bout
make more

Desolation Desolation

Rated 4 / 5 stars


it was a good game
i dont think it was that slow
but you should make a sorta spoof sequal where your the zombie running about attaking people and breaths antibug spray and robot hookers and zombierobots and king kong and germany and france and oh oh oh russia and and and and ...
but anyway....
good graphics
good idea
good story
well pulled of
but lacked that little thing if light hurt him how did he expect to get out after that?
surely thats a sigh of zombie-ness
but still and awsome game none the less and the spoof the ok sorry

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